November 2004 (v7 i3)
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november hottie

Ambrosius Bonaventure
Professional Re-enactor
Texas Renaissance Festival

Good morrow, faire fellow! To whom doth mine lusty eyes owe the sight of that alluring repose, that devil-may-care grin — that burgeoning chest stubble poised to repopulate your neatly shorn torso like the lush forests of Essex? The passion with which your staunch limbs gyrate on this earthen stage invigorates the swooning masses. I beg thy favor, O keeper of the silver tin: take this eight quid and captivate my heart!

vital info

Hobbies: Getting on his knees, ripping on the gemshorn, roguing, wench walking, gibberish, performing the forbidden Celtic rites.
Turn-Ons: Soot, unlacing, getting royally screwed, broadswords, receiving chain mail, mounting steeds, iron maidens, royal jewels.
Turn-Offs: Feudalism, pedicures, breaking character, cheap women, being neglected, chastity belts, chivalry, the Industrial Revolution.
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