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Gambling addict offended by casino-themed frat party
Complaint lodged to Inter-Fraternity Council documents poker, blackjack
by Sara Kanewske, Administrative Assistant

"Hey, I'll bet you a million dollars that I actually
feel very empty inside right now."
CAMPUS — Sophomore Helen Henderson filed a complaint with the Inter-Fraternity Council Sunday afternoon after attending Sigma Upsilon Chi's casino-themed party, "What Hap-pens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," Saturday night.

Henderson had expected to find the usual fraternity soiree, complete with scantily clad women, men in polo shirts and plenty of Key-stone Light. Instead, she was both shocked and offended by the brothers' blatant disregard for political correctness.

"As a recovering gambler myself, I felt it was my duty to point out that this fraternity was deliberately exploiting a group of people for their own amusement and entertainment," said Henderson. "Luckily, I had my camera in my purse, so I stayed at the party for a while and took plenty of pictures to have as evidence of their ignorance."

Henderson filed the complaint despite the extreme headache and dizziness she suffered when she woke up the next afternoon. She claims that she witnessed girls with poker chips in their hands, dealers in casino attire and several crowded tables of Texas Hold 'Em, blackjack and craps.

"It was clear that the theme of this party was gambling," said Henderson. "It encouraged the activity, and it was at the expense of gambling addicts.

"Fraternity members were surprised that the party was causing so much controversy and claimed to not realize that the theme might be offensive.

Sigma Upsilon Chi president Ben Griswold explained: "We never thought a casino night would be a problem. We even nixed the idea of having a 'White Trash Weekend' because we thought it might upset people. ?is is the last thing we need right now, especially after last year's 'Black-Face Bonanza.'"

Seeking to minimize offensiveness, the name "Game of Chance Night" was even considered for the event.

Still, some partygoers were confused about why Henderson filed the complaint.

"She didn't seem upset about the theme at the time, and if she was, I don't know why she got so wasted," said Michael Rodgers. "Well, I guess it explains why she had the camera out for a while.

"Henderson hopes to get support for her charge against Sigma Upsilon Chi from campus alcoholics as well with her claim that the party was also "extremely disrespectful to those who suffer from alcoholism."
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