October 2004 (v7 i2)
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It's Dove Season (And I'm Bringing the Grill)

Early Monday morning
And I'm feelin' alright
Got my Remington 12-gauge
And I'm ready for a fight
Lookin' forward to spendin'
Some time with my crew
My wife cooked me breakfast
'Cause I told her to!

Jump into my pick-up
Blastin' Creedence with the boys
Whoopin' and a-hollerin'
Preppin' dove-killin' toys
We got some war make-up
Our ten-gallons, too
When we get done with them
They'll be red, white, and goo!


It's dove season
(And I'm bringin' the grill)
It's dove season
(Shoot to kill! Shoot to kill!)
It's dove season
(And I'm bringin' the grill)
It's dove season
(God Bless the United States of

My daddy was a soldier
His dad was one, too
He taught me how to shoot
My aim's firm and true
He always said, "Now, son,
Don't forget why we're here.
You gotta get those peaceniks,
And God hates a queer."


There aint no escape from me
Not even in a bird sanctuary


If you're not likin' my song
I don't really give a damn
'Cause I love this country
I'm a 'Merican man!

We're fightin' for freedom
And you look like a dove
You forget Ole' G. Dubya
Was sent from above

It's Laundry Time for Towelheads

I hop in my truck and grab my gun
Bubba and Billy in the flat bed, out for some fun
We ain't huntin' for rabbits, doves or deer
Just a couple o' towelheads (and a six pack of beer)
Democrats say, "treat all races equal"
9/11 was real ? I ain't waitin' for the sequel
So when I see some towelheads, I won't use Shout
I'll get the laundry done and take the trash out


It's laundry time for towelheads, can't you see
And I'm working overtime to make them leave
With my ol' six string and a clear blue sky
I'll run 'em through the washer
And wring 'em out to dry
I ain't forgotten what them towelheads did to me
They pissed on America, my home of the free
I may be a simple man, but there's one thang I know
Brown is out, white is in: towelheads gotta go


You ain't got a dog or a pickup truck
No value menu for under a buck
No apple pie and no crystal meth
If I was you I'd be praying for death


It's laundry time for towelheads, by the way
Uncle Sam is pissed, and some beards got hell to pay
I may be a simple man, but I know what to do
Brown is out, white is in, towelheads are through

Let the eagle fly (x8)
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