October 2004 (v7 i2)
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Remember to vote for me!!!
by Carrie Edwards, Presidential Candidate

Hi, I'm Carrie Edwards, and I'd like to tell you, Redding Junior High, why I want to be class president. I want to be class president because things need to change around here, and I would like to change them. Not only would I like to change them, but I can change them, and I will change them.

Please vote for me and not for Hallie Burton. I know Hallie was president last year, and her dad used to be president of the PTA, and her brother is treasurer at Pease High, but I'm one of you guys. I know how to make junior high better for us, and I would really, really appreciate your vote.

Oh yeah, before I forget, have a free brownie. My mom and I made them ourselves ? with the help of Duncan Hines! Come get a free Hines-Carrie treat!

Anyway, you should vote for me because I really care about litter and I have some great ideas to keep our school beautiful, like we should start an after-school clean-up club. Once, I saw Hallie's friends leave posterboard all over the football field after they were done making game-day signs.

If you vote for Hallie, we won't get along with our sister schools. Hallie really made Pierre Middle School and United Pre-Preparatory really mad at us by saying we wouldn't wait for them to go to the Planetarium because they didn't decide soon enough if they wanted to. It might not seem like a big deal now, but when it's time for regional playoffs, we're going to need to stand strong together to beat the Southland Mustangs.

I think I would be a really good president because I'm really good at fund-raising. For example, I was No. 1 for sales when we sold cookie dough last year. Hallie spends too much money on giving out free candy as spirit gifts and hosting cheer-offs. If you vote for me, I will make sure there's enough money left to try to put the soda machines back in the gym.

Ok, please vote for me! Vote for Carrie Edwards, because we want to move forward and not backwards! Oh, and remember to take a cupcake!
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