October 2004 (v7 i2)
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How To Make Your Voice Heard On Nov. 2
Wrong Way
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Super Fun Facts
Mommy votes Democrat because one time she killed a baby inside her tummy.

If you really want Daddy's corporate trial to go well, you should make a wish by dunking doggy's head in the pool and holding it there until Mommy hugs you!

If you ever start liking other little kids who have the same privates you have, just keep it a secret in your heart until that secret becomes a diamond!

The saggy man named Kerry will never win the election because he worships saints and voodoo

Daddy votes Republican because he makes all the funny dark men do his lawn.

When Mommy and Daddy go into the voting booth, they're calling the police to take you away.
Kids' Korner Asks... WHAT IS VOTING?
Johnny Voter needs some help choosing a team. He can't remember which name from the television goes with the elephant, his most favorite animal. Billy can help, especially since he's a stockholder of Carlyle and Halliburton! YAY! Yippee! Here comes the big truck to take the ballots away. One day, if you do what Mommy and Daddy tell you to, you can grow up to be big and strong and drive this truck every four years! VROOOM!
Hooray! It's time to count the votes. People like Granny and Pop-pop who have broken eyes are put in charge of this fun job because they are the BEST at it. I hope they don't lose count! You can count, right? 1, 2, 3, 3, 3 votes for the wrinkly face man! Uh oh! Mean adults are fighting about who won first place in the big contest! Now it's time for the Supreme Court to decide. That's very fair because they NEVER mess up and are super smart. Look! They've picked the winner! Go USA!!!
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