November 2002 (v5 i3)
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away message (n): to attempt to be funny or heartfelt; to assume that people think about you when you are not around; a cry for help

room 237 (v): to make out with a decomposing body (e.g., "My roommate got so drunk last night that he room 237'ed that old lady in the tub!")

8 am class (n): a last resort (e.g., "I have to bring an 8 am class to my sorority's date dash! Maybe my BFF Josh can go! I can trust him with anything because he's totally in love with me and I will never, ever go out with him.")

Gallagher (v): to experience an inexplicable bout with fame, only to disappear into the annals of embarrassing pop-culture

broken record (n, slang): anti-drug rhetoric

UT football (adj): to be consistently overrated despite numerous failed outings (e.g., "Dude, the new Star Wars movie is totally UT football.")

Matchbox 20 (v): to attempt a comeback and fail miserably

dudical pharmaceutical (adj): so dudical that the FDA should consider government regulation (e.g., "The Thompson boys had a dudical pharmaceutical time snorting thumbtacks and listening to Megadeth at absurd volumes.")

Israel-Palestine (n): a situation in which neither party is right (e.g., "We had ourselves a real Israel-Palestine last night when I shot that hooker for stealing my money.") Shakira (n): a 14-year-old girl who tries to look sexy

chicken-fried steak (v): to gently caress your lover's hand while driving the icepick deeper, deeper into their spinal column

Rent fan (n): somebody that evolution forgot

erection (n): a homework assignment (e.g., "Professor Smith, do we have any erections this week? Should I put mine in the pile on the desk?")

shlamma-lamma ding dong (v): to quote Adam Sandler excessively despite the fact that he's not funny anymore
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