November 2002 (v5 i3)
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november hottie
Nora & Dora
Oh goodness! When the Lord hath made these heavenly creatures, He certainly did break the mold—but it looks like He didn't quite break it in two! These ladies are double the trouble and twice the pleasure. They may share a leg and a generous bosom, but they aren't lacking in the brains department! These deep thinkers have stolen our hearts as well as tantalized our minds. Somebody call 911—these hotties are on fire! Youch!
vital info
Favorite TV Show: Sister, Sister
Favorite Position: "On all fives, silly!"
Turn-ons: threesomes, three-legged racing, doubles tennis, and DVDA
Turn-offs: solitaire, bicycles, quaint references to 15th Century Spanish literature
Motto: "We're inseperable!"
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