October 2002 (v5 i2)
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bringing you the latest in hip verbiage

Biggity-bounce: to depart with flare, style, or an extreme lack of dignity

L8er-Sk8er: indicates to the listener that the speaker has spent far too much time in the 8th grade or has a high school guidance counselor

Slurp: to get drunkand have sex; to be fucked

Proposed student fees: to do something really unfair, ridiculous (e.g., “Whoa, dude, don’t go all proposed student fee’s on me!”)

Menstruate: to not expect something; to be shocked (e.g., “My pop quiz totally menstruated me.”)

Red McCombs: something hard to get into as in UT’s Business school (e.g., “Hey, did you meet Joe’s new girlfriend? He says she’s a total Red McCombs.”)

Texas Travesty: something lame, irritating (e.g., “I don’t wanna hang out with Ben anymore- he’s such a Texas Travesty.”)

McFly: lapse in time (e.g., “Last night, I got so reefed that I McFly’ed an entire episode of The Bernie Mack Show!”)

Muskrat Sally: hot chick (e.g., “That girl at party last night was a full-on Muskrat Sally.”)

Storm Thurmond: out of date (e.g., “Dude, those pants are totally Strom Thurmond.”)

Slap-a-Hoe Tribe: can only be used in the one-liner, “Did you know I’m part Native American? I’m from the Slap-a-Hoe Tribe.”

Moped driver: making a statement regarding one’s manhood (e.g., “I dunno…I hear he drives a moped.”)

Battle of the Bulge: to become excited while slow dancing (e.g., “That hot girl in my psych class gave me total Battle of the Bulge.”) Used almost exclusively by History majors.

Jr. Burger Meal, Combo Meal, Biggie Size: references a woman’s breast size

Kid’s Meal: punching a cop in the face before stealing his gun

Amish: to feel apathetic (e.g., “I feel so Amish today,” or “Contemporary politics is obscured behind a fog of Amish.”)
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