October 2002 (v5 i2)
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october hottie

The Lord hath made you in His image, LuV2r4vE! Yours is a free spirit, unbound by the conventions of our droll society. You trip, you flip; you are the candy kid. Your glorious rave pants could house an entire family. They sparkle and shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow. DJ, crank it up to 180 BPM while he enjoys a new pacifier. It's the simple pleasures that make it all worthwhile. Right, LuV2r4vE?

vital info

Favorite Rave Toys: ice cubes and little flashy-LED-keychain things
Hobbies: performing lightshows, candyflipping, staring at walls
Turn-ons: Happy Hardcore
Turn-offs: bad shit, destruction of dopamine terminals, and good music
Motto: "Somebody give me a backrub!"

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